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327_Born in Flames (1983) Directed by Lizzie Borden

  • The Mini Microcinema 1329 Main Street Cincinnati, OH, 45202 United States (map)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Born in Flames (1983) Directed by Lizzie Borden

(Part of The Mini Mini Series: The Female Frame)

Doors 7:00 PM / Start 7:30 PM @ The Mini - 1329 Main St.

Lizzie Borden’s “Born in Flames” stands as a singular achievement, being perhaps the only queer-femme-socialist sci-fi quasi-documentary ever committed to film. Set in an alternate 80s New York City after a Second American Revolution has succeeded in winning social democracy but nevertheless failed to end racism and sexism, the film follows diverse cadres of activist women -- black, white; gay, straight; student, worker; native-born, immigrant -- as they fight for further progress. Their debates over ideology and strategy raise questions that animate the American Left to this day. What is the relationship between identity and class? How can disparate factions synthesize their aims to achieve solidarity? Should their battles be waged on the street, in government or through culture? Mixing an array of genres, Borden’s film, like the politics it advances, is an eruption of pent-up populist energy: fervent, unruly, plural, humane. (80 min) 

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Free with $5 suggested donation