Installation Work @ The Carnegie (Spring 2016)

Alice Pixley Young, Paul Karalambo and Francis Hollenkamp, Intermedio (Eric Blyth, Sam Ferris-Morris, Justin West), Austin Radcliffe

The Mini Microcinema is excited to present installation work at the Carnegie for the duration of the show. Alice Pixley Young’s work addresses the idea of systems, cycles and the change of light within the season. Through a small cityscape “set” and a projected video of flocking birds, she explores the way memory effects the construction of both our psychic and physical environments. Francis Hollenkamp and Paul Karalambo bring us an installation delving into the impact of the Western film genre as it entered the American home. The work is an exploration of scale, education in violence, and cultural generalization expressed in the shifting illuminance of the television screen over a field of mass produced toys. Intermedio (Eric Blyth, Sam Ferris-Morris, Justin West) presents a piece that explores the mechanistic nature of the film projector by deconstructing and recombining it’s parts, exploring its features and exploiting its faults. Finally, Austin Radcliffe, the creator of the award-winning blog and recently released book “Things Organized Neatly,” presents a meticulously arranged set of objects gleaned from C. Jacqueline Wood’s collection of camera equipment.

All work on view before/after each screening and during gallery hours.

Flatscreen Art @ The Carnegie (Spring 2016)

Pique presents: “Curaboration” Curated by: Lindsey Whittle and Annie Brown

The Mini has teamed up with Lindsey Whittle and Annie Brown, curators from Pique, to present a collection of moving image flatscreen art. Pique is an open ended art experiment. Some may think it is a gallery, but it is so much more. Pique is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to curate and collaborate (curaborate if you will) with other artists and art institutions. The artists represented in this collection of work (rotating weekly) have either shown or will show in Pique’s inaugural year. Pique, located in Covington, strives to create opportunities, connections, and funding for artists and the community. They challenge themselves to blow your mind through thought-provoking exhibitions, workshops, lectures, classes, and events throughout the year. Visit www. for more information.


Joseph and Ryan Morris, Bert Marckwardt, Anna Christine Sands, Steve Kemple, Sariya Babanova, Jonathan Hancock, Troy Gallagher